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Syndication Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why would I want to syndicate results?
Volunteer Mount Pearl hosts hundreds of opportunities from organizations all over Mount Pearl. If your website has opportunities in our database, or your organization is looking for a specific type of opportunity for your members, then syndicating our results to your webpage/members will provide up-to-date results automatically and reduce your webmaster effort. For Example:
  • You may be a member organization that have listed your opportunities with us. You can then export these opportunities back to your webpage and only have to manage the opportunity in one location. (This option also increases the visibility of your opportunities to others who would search this website)
  • You may be a member of a professional body (accountants) who's members are looking for specific type of opportunities (financial), but the organization which hosts this opportunity is irrelevant. You could syndicate results for searches that are tagged financial (using the advanced search options above) and display these specific results to your members.
2) What are my options?
Volunteer Mount Pearl offers two ways for you to present opportunities to your members:
  1. Using Permanent Links: If you select the permanent link option, you simply insert the Permanent Link URL from above into any location on your webpage. When your members click the link, they will see a display of all opportunities that match the search criteria specified.
  2. Using Syndication: Volunteer Mount Pearl uses RSS to syndicate results to other webpages. If you select the syndication option, then you will use the Syndication URL and insert it into an RSS display widget or you can manually parse the RSS feed to display results to your members. This option requires web development, however, does provide you with maximum flexibility regarding how the results are shown.
In both cases, you simply complete a search on this webpage with the basic or advanced options that you desire, and then use the Permanent Link URL or Syndication URL to automatically export a real-time version of these results to your webpage.